3 Reasons You Should Never Flush Wipes

Why You Shouldn’t Flush Cleaning Wipes: Protecting Your Plumbing and the Environment – Tales from the Toilet (Literally)

The convenience of disposable cleaning wipes cannot be debated. They are perfect for a quick toilet clean-up, especially when it comes to eliminating bacteria lurking on the toilet handle and seat.

Before you consider giving your toilet an impromptu cleaning, it’s essential to understand why the United States Environmental Protection Agency strongly advises against flushing anything other than toilet paper.

Even though some cleaning wipes and sanitary wipes are labeled as “flushable,” you should never send them down your toilet. Why? Because these wipes don’t break down as easily as toilet paper in the sewer or septic systems, and they pose a real threat to your home’s internal plumbing and local wastewater collection systems.

So, while you’re busy perfecting the latest dance challenge or exploring creative toilet-cleaning hacks, it’s crucial to be mindful of the potential damage these wipes can inflict on your plumbing system. Let’s dive deeper into why flushing cleaning wipes is a bad idea, both for your home and the environment.

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